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Our History

Where the specific word Thither came from is rather an amusing tale, so we shall tell you here, just in case you are curious.


As we were sitting around brainstorming about a name for our business, when we hadn't definitely decided that we'd like to get into the world of Jane Austen, but were considering that option, we were racking our brains for something that sounded like a word or phrase from Jane's world.



And suddenly, into Darrelyn's brain popped "thither"!

(Which her brain had drawn from her memory's file of movie lines, and the line was one of the emails Meg Ryan sends to Tom Hanks in 'You've Got Mail', "Confession: I have read Pride & Prejudice more than 200 times. I get lost in the language, words like thither, mischance, felicity. I'm always in agony over whether Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are really going to get together! Ah! Read it. I know you'll love it.")


Of course the rest of us liked it immediately, even though we thought it best to think about it and decide the next day if we would keep it (which we did, obviously). So that's the story!

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