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      I design and update the website, and keep up with our social media sites, so I suppose you could call me the webmistress of Thither.


      I'm from California and have been a Jane Austen admirer for at least 17 years, since I was 15. I enjoy reading, sewing, cooking and web surfing, especially when they relate to Jane Austen, and I am trying to build up my own regency library, wardrobe, and music and film collection. If I could, I would go back to Jane's time, and I would move to England tomorrow! (I am also a confirmed Anglophile.) Any length of bio on myself could not be complete without letting my audience know that I am a Christian, who trusted in Christ for salvation just over 25 years ago and am so thankful to be His!


      I was of course drawn to Jane's novels because of her witty writing  and the elegant Regency world that she portrayed. But I appreciate Jane's work even more, now, for making the character of every heroine and hero their most valuable trait; they always possess (or learn) kindess, humility, thoughtfulness, compassion, honor, and to be respectful and polite -- all out of knowing what is right, rather than because it was fashionable (or unfashionable). And, although I won't call him my favorite, because of his steady character I have a special place in my heart for Mr. Knightley ever since I discovered him. So, if I had to choose my favorite Jane Austen novel, it would be Emma. I would live in Highbury if I could!

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