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About Us


THITHER: "to or toward that place or point; there"

Why Thither? Well, it all goes back to Jane Austen.


This is a place someone can tell lovers of Jane to "go thither!" to find all sorts of information and things to buy, and whatever is purchased is sent thither to you!


All of us at Thither are ardent admirers of this extraordinary woman's work and world, so what better way to describe what we're doing than with a word from her world?


We are a very small business and a source of information that focuses on Jane Austen and the world in which she lived. We are here to spread appreciation and knowledge of Jane through what we sell and the information we've compiled, and hopefully be a resource for everyone, from those who have just met Jane to those who consider her an old friend.

To find out about the people behind Thither, visit our Who We Are page!

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