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Created by Louis Eustache Ude, chef to King Louis XVI, these filled meringues are light, airy and sweet, with lovely hints of fruity flavor!

A festive traditional English cake filled with dried fruit and nuts is the perfect addition to your Christmas or Twelfth Night celebration!

A sweet and juicy combination of late summer fruits makes this pie irresistable, and the perfect dessert for your Michaelmas feast!

For a deliciously sweet and tangy dessert try our recipe for Rhubarb Fool – a combination of rhubarb and whipped cream make this the perfect end to a summer tea!

A light bread pudding baked with red currants to add a little tartness  created by Jane's mother, Mrs. Austen!


She even wrote a poem about it, which you can find here.

A luxurious combination of fruit and cream chilled together make this a treat for those warm summer days!

A Regency English classic! This light and airy cake is perfect with a bit of jam and a cup of tea.

A delicious combination of flaky pastry and baked apples makes this recipe a favorite choice for a dinner or to have with tea!

Every Easter people all over England ate these mildly spiced and fruity buns, which are soft and just a little sweet. They make a pleasant addition to an Easter brunch or afternoon tea.

These buttery, rich little cakes will be a delcious addition to any tea, picnic or party. The tartness of the currants and nutty tast of the ground almonds give it it's elegantly distinct flavor, and are perfect with a steaming cup of tea!

Attributed to Mrs. Austen's sister, this is a dense, moist cake with the added tang of currents, making it extra special for a teatime treat or a special celebration.

Light and refreshing, this dessert has the consistency of airy whipped cream with a hint of lemon, and looks lovely served in individual glasses.
It is just the sort of treat to be found at Emma's Summer ball in Highbury!
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