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Spring and Summer are a lovely time of year to go on a picnic! So whether you're planning an elaborate expedition to Box Hill, or just driving down the road to a park, here are some tips on how to host a Regency picnic, as well as some recipes to take along.

"...two or three more of the chosen only were to be admitted to join them, and it was to be done in a quiet, unpretending, elegant way, infinitely superior to the bustle and preparation, the regular eating and drinking, and pic-nic parade of the Eltons." Emma


A tip for keeping things cool is to make as much as possible the night before and refrigerate it. Then once they are all packed into the baskets together they will help to keep each other cool.


Grape leaves are an attractive and period way to line your platters, as well as a way of keeping them a little cleaner.


Be sure to pack the heavier items on the bottom of your basket. Nevertheless, something inevitably gets a little crushed – but there's no need to worry since it must have been a problem for Mrs. Elton, too.

"Mrs. Elton was growing impatient to name the day, and settle with Mr. Weston as to pigeon-pies and cold lamb..." Emma

"They had a very fine day for Box Hill; and all the other outward circumstances of arrangement, accommodation, and punctuality, were in favour of a pleasant party." Emma

Supplies for a complete Regency picnic
  • Serving trays and/or bowls

  • Salad & dessert plates (exact dinnerware will depend on your menu)

  • Forks

  • Spoons for syllabub

  • Butter knives

  • Knives for slicing meat

  • Serving spoon for syllabub

  • Stemmed glasses (for juice)

  • Napkins (cloth if possible)

  • Blankets or a rug to sit on

  • Pillows for sitting or leaning on

  • A medium patio umbrella or two if you will be in the sun

  • Baskets for transporting the food and eating untensils

Including supplies for tea:
  • Teapot(s)

  • Tea cups

  • Saucers

  • Teaspoons

  • Insulated jug (to keep tea warm on the way)

  • Sugar bowl

  • Sugar spoon

  • Cream pitcher


"...whenever I marry, I hope somebody will choose my wife for me. Will you? (turning to Emma.) Will you choose a wife for me? I am sure I should like any body fixed on by you." Frank Churchill, Emma

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