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What tea did Jane Austen drink?

We know Jane Austen and her characters were very fond of tea and drank it often. But exactly which kind of tea was it? Here is a look at the popular teas available in the Regency era.

All of the tea preferred by the genteel class was imported from China, and consisted of green and black teas. A truly good quality tea could be expensive, which is why the Austen ladies locked their teas in a chest, one compartment for green and one for black. It came compressed into blocks, rather like large sugar cubes, and jane was in charge of making the tea every morning for breakfast.


They bought at least some of their tea from Twining's, still located in The Strand in London.


Here is a list of teas sold by a similar 18th century supplier:


  • Fine Bohea tea

  • Good Congou tea

  • Fine Congou tea

  • Fine Souchong tea


  • Good Green tea

  • Good Hyfan tea

  • Fine Gunpowder tea

"I do not mean to pay Twining till later in the day, when we may order a fresh supply."

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