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When Jane lived at Chawton she often walked into Alton for shopping and visiting, so we've compiled a few of the sights from Jane's day that you can still see if you visit Alton yourself!

Jane admired the tranquil, yet breathtaking beauty of Lyme on family holidays to this small seaside town. Here is our guide to finding the sights Jane knew and used to unforgettable effect in her novel 'Persuasion'!

A walking tour of Bath that hits the most important Jane Austen and Regency sites in this beautifully preserved historic city! Find out how each spot is connected to Jane and her novels Northanger Abbey and Persuasion.

Why visit Hampshire? Jane loved this county and spent most of her life here, so it was a place that greatly influenced her person and her work – and it's easy to visit all of those places she knew!


In this article we have some photos and history about each one and tips for planning your own visit to see them.

Planning visit the place where Jane Austen grew up? Read our post to find out how to get there without a car! Find out how a couple of first time visitors made it on foot and almost missed going in the church – and how you can successfully plan a visit yourself.

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Travel to Jane Austen's England

Tips on how to find the places where Jane lived and traveled

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